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Fashion World

For the past couple of centuries, fashion has never lost its grip and has existed for a very long time. It is an ever-changing topic, a trend that is slowly becoming a livelihood to others. All ages, sizes, and every gender is included in fashion. Fashion ranges from clothes, accessories, decoration, gadgets, beauty, machinery, etc. Fashion is a world that can never be exhausted. But to be able to connect this world of fashion to the outside world, professionals are needed. This indicates that there are many job opportunities in fashion. You must be clear on what you intend to pursue or you will be confused and lost in all the options. So, what are some of these options that are open to you?

In dressing, you do not wear clothes just because you have to. You must feel good as you look good. That person that is in charge of that department is a Fashion Stylist. The Fashion Stylist must know all the accessories that will go with your overall look, know all the prevailing trends and styles, designs and also colors. This stylist will need to consider the clients shape, skin tone, age, size and any other detail that will dictate the attire and accessories to put on. The stylist must know all the outfits for specific events and weather conditions. To top it all up, they create a final product by selecting the best photos and video clips and compiling them.

There is a person that takes care of the exterior look of the fashion house, firm, magazine, store or business. The outside world will see what they want them to see. The outward image portrayed in fashion films, photoshoots, ads, and other avenues. Only the Fashion Coordinator can handle all that. There are others who refer to them as Creative Directors or Fashion Directors.

Weather forecasters are well known. Well, fashion has one just like that. He/She is known as a Fashion Forecaster. Just like the name suggests, they are in charge of predicting how the future styles and trends will change and how they will be. In fashion careers, this is a pretty big mantle to handle. The only qualification is that you have to really work hard, sweat and ear every dime. Apart from doing extensive research on the matter, Fashion Forecasters must analyze all the patterns that have changed, how they changed, from where they came and predict how they will be.

In this vast world of fashion, there must be that person who designs, creates from scratch what will be fitted by different people all over. This is a very consuming position as it demands creativity, talent and passion. This position is for the Fashion Designer.

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