Fidor Bank – Android and Apple Pay

Apple Pay


If we look at the modernization process and digitization improvements all over the world, especially in recent years, we will understand that so many spheres went under the change and evolution; today people are using online platforms more for their needs. One of the main spheres that are affected is banking services. In this short article we want to introduce Fidor Bank as one of the German successful ideas that started to provide banking and financial services to the customers totally in online format. 

Fidor Bank & Its Features

The idea of Fidor bank with the slogan of Simple,Flexible and Digital, created in 2009 and from that time until now, this platform updated and improved according to the worldwide changes and technologies updates. Shortly to say, Fidor Bank is offering all financial and banking services to their customers, totally in online format and by the special Fido Bank app or official website. So users will be able to open a free account as quickly as possible, use all banking and financial services, have a digital debit Mastercard and control all financial activities and account details by the mobile app of Fidor Bank. Also customers will be able to withdraw and deposit funds on their account by the Fidor Cash that can be used in more than 12000 stores in Germany. Additionally Fidor quickly and simply is providing different types of loans for their users with the low interest rates.  

Fidor with Android & Apple Pay

Recently, Fidor Bank started to cooperate with more companies and provide new types of services for the ease of their users. Currently, customers that are using Android and iOs, will be able to make contactless payment via the mobile phone, make transactions even without the internet; all without extra fees and in a totally secure atmosphere. In the case of iOs users, they can simply add their digital debit Mastercard to the Apple Pay and start to use their cards by Apple Pay, easy and safe and also they will be able to track their transactions and see the details of their payments easier than before. However in the case of Android users, Fidor developed a special payment app as a solution for this category of customers. With Fidor Pay, Android users can easily add their debit Mastercard to it and start to spend and make transactions with it totally in online and offline formats. Should be noted that the Fidor pay app is totally free and Android users can download and start to use it without any fees. 


Definitely, the Fidor Bank idea and its features and special services, made this platform one of the unique platforms around the world that is providing every type of financial services totally in online format. However because of huge competition in this sphere, we should wait for new updates and improvements by this platform in near future.