A Good Web Design Can Help Your Business


Without us knowing we have entered the digital era, now almost all companies and businesses have websites as a means to promote their products and businesses. But are we aware that we have a good design that can help sales for our business.

The question is how to make the design? To answer this question it’s good if you notice this article to completion. Because of what? because in this article we will discuss how to make a good web design so that it can help make your website more attractive which can later help improve your business.


  1. Appropriate

You must ask what is the appropriate design? Appropriate design is a design that focuses the user on the main needs of the user. The question is how do we know that our web design is appropriate or not? I will share simple tips on how to do a questioner. First you have to know whether the main needs that you want to answer with the web or your application then ask our web users or applications if they get their needs in less than 3 seconds. Ask questions for some of your user categories such as: IT User, Sales People, Student, etc. If you can get more than 80{ea618241a40620a377ec71e3e0affdb4bd1fd8f5ae249eef3e4c9b9f58daa4b4} answered they find the answer to their problem is less in 3 seconds then your web design or application can be said “Appropriate”.


  1. Engage

How can web design provide engagement to our users? The answer is we must be able to provide a pleasant experience from the design that we make, for example: by adding features that can rotate 360-degree product images, zoom or minimize or change the color of our products. Another example we can give freedom or choice to change the theme on their login profile page. With the freedom and pleasant experience we provide, they will engage (bound) to our website or application. if you are confused about how to get or make a design like that you can ask for help from a web design service that you trust, but if you are still confused we recommend you visit LinkHelpers Scottsdale Website Design & SEO, a web design service provider that can help your business.


  1. User Friendly

User friendly is the same meaning as effective, but if it is appropriate to focus only on one main need, then if we design it with user friendly means we think of all the functions that are in your web or application. To design user friendly you have to do a research that is you learn from the web or applications that are often used by your users.


  1. Easy to Learn

Easy to Learn means the web or application that you make is easy to learn. If you have a new application, then the learning process of the users of your application should not spend a lot of time studying your application. If you can create an application that on average can make its users master it in less than 3 days then your application can be said to be Easy to Learn.


  1. Simple

Simple means that your web or application has a non-intricate appearance like a tangled thread, simple on the news web can contain informative meaning so the information is easy to read or easy to find information that your web users are looking for.